Range of Professional and Consultancy

Services Offered

As estate surveyors and valuers, we offer the following consultancy services:


A.   The valuation of landed properties of all types, plant, machinery, equipment and other physical assets. Such valuation can be for various purposes ranging from market value, rental value, mortgage

value, compensation, rating assessment, insurance value, balance sheet/auditing, take-over and merger bids.


B.   The preparation of feasibility and viability reports for contemplated development projects and also for management purposes. Such report

may be for all types of properties development and also for industrial and commercial projects.

C.   The management of landed properties; this includes the negotiation of leases and tenancies, the collection of rents, administration of service charges, and overseeing the general maintenance and repairs of properties.


D.           The phasing of development projects for financing purposes; this involves the sourcing of development finance for prospective projects.


E.           Brokerage in real properties; this involves acting for vendors or purchasers of real properties of all types.


F.            Assessment of landed properties and other land resources for settlement of compensation claims.


G.           Project management and supervision of property developments. Preparation of such schedule of dilapidation and cost estimate of renovation works.


H.           Advise on preparation of master plan on urban renewal and development and;


I.             Advise on estate and land use planning.